Success comes by being willing to learn, unlearn, and relearn daily.


Your Voice Matters 5-Day Start Your Podcast Challenge Online Training!

To help Kingdom-minded people grow their influence and impact through starting a podcast! This challenge will help you get your voice into the marketplace to cut through the noise of social media, mainstream media, and cancel culture to impact lives for the Kingdom!

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What in the world are NFTs???!!!!

I’m excited to share that I’ve partnered with the good folks at Kingdom Warriors NFT, one of my new favorite NFT products, to help them get the word out.

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***Get Our Video Series*** Join us at the People First Leadership Summit.

Since February 2021, I have prayed asking God, "what’s next?” after concluding the Power of Proverbs 21-Day Morning Boot Camp. Why? Because God moved so awesomely, touching the men that participated who gained a closer relationship with our heavenly Father.

God showed me that our faith-based leaders are in need to truly reflect His character as ambassadors on earth. How do we display His heart for His people? By replicating His love through the lens of Jesus’s leadership, which is why this event is called the People First Leadership Summit.

The speakers on this summit have demonstrated a love for people first in their leadership role. Leaders with God’s heart understand the scripture, “all will know that you are My disciples if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35). Leadership is the art of influence. We can influence with greater impact when the ones we lead know we care. We all need the wisdom of God to help us pass on a People First Leadership example for our next generation.

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***For Busy Men Special*** The Lord is With You Mighty Warrior! Gideon forgot who he was...God had to remind him... This is where we dive into Proverbs!

The purpose of the Virtual Boot Camp is to equip you to take a 21-Day deep dive into the Book of Proverbs to help you grow spiritually, impact your 5 areas of authority, develop new positive habits, and build bonds of brotherhood within the Boot Camp group.

You know you're in the right place if you are a male Christian and desire to connect with strong men of faith who have “been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt,”. Our speakers have shown Godly wisdom through very difficult times and share their victories in God's wisdom and grace.

This event has ended but you can invest in the videos and bonus content for $97.

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90-day Upstart Coaching

The Upstart Coaching Challenge is to awaken the inner lion inside you. Sometimes you and I need that person to ride alongside you to push you and encourage you to the next level of life. This is your opportunity to accomplish more, destroy limitations, and experience life on your terms.

What is included but not limited to:

- Nine coaching calls over 3 months (zoom or phone) (1 hour)

Laser Coaching (On-demand)

This call is a focused coaching session towards reaching a specific targeted goal.


Take on this JOY Challenge, you will not only learn how to renew your Joy but gain 3 tools to experience more JOY in your life.

Note: Side effects include more clarity, lower stress & better overall health!!!

Faith-Driven Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs!

We believe God wants you to prosper this year!

The Ready, Set, Go Take 2020 Back Training will give you the tools to refocus, reignite, and crush this next half of the year!

The Leadership Accelerator was created to support aspiring faith-based entrepreneurs to increase their leadership impact and success.

We believe that continued leadership development is one of the fastest ways to grow your business. It is well known saying that a rising tide lifts all boats. As your leadership level increases so will everything around you, including your business. In this online training, we will share resources on how you can do the same.


Leader Talk clip on YouTube

Joe has more episodes on Spotify and other podcast platforms.



Joe Detre is a coach, speaker, and trainer that has a passion to see leaders succeed at every level of life.

Joe is the host of “Joe on the Mic Leader Talk” podcast, co-host of the Ready, Set, Go! Challenge & creator of The Power of Proverbs Men’s Virtual Bootcamp. Joe has spoken on virtual youth summits, leadership groups, and entrepreneurial podcast shows inspiring people to discover the brilliance within!

As a coach and trainer, Joe works with authors, athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs to break through barriers to scale their life and profession!

Joe is a retired veteran with over 22 years of service in the US Army, 20 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur. He earned a John Maxwell Team Coaching Certification & a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on Business Management and Leadership Coaching from Liberty University.

If you desire breakthrough in life and to uncover your God-given potential, schedule your complimentary discovery session here.

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